20 Uses for Coconut Oil That You Haven’t Tried


Wanting to change ourselves for the better we resort to a variety of techniques: from easy and natural ones to more intrusive ones like surgery. But there are miracles of nature, that we can use for the benefit of our health and beauty, without having to resort to surgery.
In this article we’re going to talk about the properties and usage of coconut oil, that you might not have heard of before. Coconut oil can be used on many areas of your body, to tone and strengthen it, but the properties of this product depend on how you use it. The ways in which coconut oil can be used vary. It can be used for beauty treatments, treatment of diseases, food and even house cleaning. Enjoy this gallery! We hope you will discover many new things.

1. Body scrub

1.Body scrub

Coconut oil is suitable for all skin types. Combine it with a variety of additional elements like coffee, salt, sugar, etc and you can achieve perfectly smooth skin without pimples, bumps and even age spots. Your skin will become baby soft.

Woman with conditioner in her hair
Woman with conditioner in her hair

2.Hair mask
Just after a couple of uses of coconut oil on your hair it becomes healthier and shinier. Coconut oil is great at penetrating the hair follicles and moisturising your hair from the inside, so a coconut oil hair mask is a great solution for dry and brittle hair. There is no point in saying that after using a coconut hair mask your hair becomes silky smooth and brushing it is a pleasure, plus it gains a healthy shine.

3. Rejuvenation
Coconut oil has an antioxidant effect and prevents premature ageing. It’s molecules are small enough to be completely absorbed by skin cells. Put it on your face several times a week and soon you’ll notice how wrinkles smooth out and the skin itself becomes velvety.

4. A sexy body without cellulite and stretch marks
4.A sexy body without cellulite and stretch marks
Experts advise to buy refined oil, because it is suitable for all skin types. Use coconut oil as a lotion. If you want to speed up the process of getting rid of cellulite, mix coconut oil with coffee. The effect is noticeable within a few days.

5. Makeup removal
5.Makeup removal
You can remove even waterproof makeup with coconut oil. Put a small amount of coconut oil on your face and leave it for 5 minutes, then wipe off with a damp cloth. As a bonus, you won’t have to worry about what kind of effects do conventional lotions, that contain all sorts of chemicals, have on your skin.

6. Sunburns
If you get a sunburn, put a bit of coconut oil on that spot. It will reduce irritation, moisturise the skin and minimise peeling. It can also be used as a preventive measure.

7. Roasts
Sunflower oil, which is usually used for frying food can be easily replaced with coconut oil. Coconut oil has a high smoke point, so a lot less free radicals will be released during the cooking process.

8. Supplement for a smoothie
8.Supplement for a smoothie
You can make your own “energy” cocktails by adding a teaspoon of coconut oil to your smoothie. A boost of energy is guaranteed.
9. Salad dressings
9.Salad dressings
To diversify your salad menu try replacing olive oil with coconut oil.

10. Pet food
10.Pet food
Including coconut oil in your pet’s diet will help to prevent the development of arthritis and to avoid problems with ligaments, it also helps to regulate weight. Be sure to consult with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet.

11. Relieve itching


11.Relieve itching
If you notice that your dog is constantly scratching a certain place, apply a little bit of coconut oil onto that spot to relieve irritation and itching.

12. Baking
Coconut oil can be used for baking, including cakes, pastry and other baked goods. Just replace other vegetable oils in the recipe with coconut oil.

13. Cough treatment
13.Cough treatment
To get rid of a sore throat and reduce coughing, have a little bit of coconut oil in its pure form or add it to your tea.

14. care for small wounds
14.Care for small wounds
Coconut oil can be used on small cuts and scratches to prevent dirt and bacteria from getting in, it also has antiseptic properties, and can help small wounds heal faster.

15. Foot care
15.Foot care
Coconut oil softens the skin of your feet better than expensive creams, and can also be used as a deodorant and antiseptic. To get rid of foot door use coconut oil mixed with a few drops of tea tree oil.

16. Care for lashes
16.Care for lashes
You can strengthen your eyelashes with coconut oil, by simply putting a little bit of it on your lashed before bedtime.

17. Gum removal
17.Gum removal
Coconut oil can be used to help remove gum from any surface, including carpets and even hair.

18. Cleaning of metal objects
18.Cleaning of metal objects
Coconut oil adds shine to tarnished metal objects and helps remove rust from the surface.

19. Light a fire
19.Light a fire
Instead of using chemicals to start a fire, you can use cotton balls soaked in coconut oil.

20. Care for acne
20.Care for acne
To reduce inflammation and irritation, apply a thing layer of coconut oil onto freshly washed skin. It has antibacterial properties and creates a protective layer on your skin.

We hope that this article was useful for you, and you’ll be as excited about the awesome and useful properties of coconut oil, as we are.