61-year-old Pratima Devi: Delhi ragpicker feeds and takes care of 400 dogs daily


In New Delhi, lives a 65-year-old woman who calls a tiny little shanty her home, and around that home live 120 stray dogs, all ‘adopted’ by Pratima Devi.

Now these are just the few ‘handfuls’ we are talking about, there are more than 200 who wait for her around her vicinity every time she’s around to pick rags and bottles. Pratima calls this her ‘religion’. She does this for nobody except her and her dogs (and we’re not surprised why)

Sure, you and I love dogs too, but we’ll probably feed one or two around our house, image Pratima’s love for them, she takes care of almost 400! Of course, her ‘craze’ for dogs were not really appreciated by everyone around her, she obviously had people questioning her sanity. But Pratima never let anything come in her and her waggy tail’s way.

“Initially, I used to feed them left-over food from the garbage bin, but now people have started donating milk,food and biscuits”

pratima dhevi

“I was not that happy with my husband, as much as I am with these dogs. I am very happy!”

prathima dhevi

“My kids keep telling me to come back to the village, but I don’t want to go, I want to do good to the dogs…”


And if you live around Pratima Devi, or know anybody who does, please don’t hesitate to visit her and her pups. You’ll have a paw-erful day, for sure!

It only takes an individual like Pratima Devi to bring the change we all look for and inspire a thousand others like us.