AgustaWestland: Money trail detected to Norway, Finland and Denmark.


Both these files are being prepared on a priority basis, an officer with the Enforcement Directorate informed OneIndia. Michel who is in the UAE is required to be brought to India and questioned. In addition to this there is a money trail that has been detected to Norway, Finland and Denmark and details regarding the same has been sought, the ED also trail

Speeding up the probe: The ED says that it does not want the probe to be stuck in a loop. Normally while dealing with foreign countries, the probe does tend to slow down due to technicalities. However we have a water tight case on hand and are hopeful that our requests would be heeded to, the officer also noted. The extradition of Michel alleged to have been appointed by AgustaWestland to bribe influential persons is a priority for the ED. Although he had offered through a television channel to cooperate in the probe, the ED feels he needs to be extradited. Michel had said that he would cooperate with the probe provided he is not arrested. The ED says, ” we are going ahead with the extradition request. The television is not a medium for him to make such a request.”

The money trail: The ED is also hot on a money trail to three countries. Finland, Denmark and Norway are the three countries from which the ED has sought details. Out of the Rs 360 crore routed into India, there is a trail that connects the same to various countries.

The ED has already sought information from the UK, Switzerland, Tunisia, UAE, Mauritius and Italy. So far Italy is the only country that has cooperated while the rest are yet to respond. The ED says that a fresh request is also being sent to Finland, Norway and Denmark where they have also found a money trail relating to this deal.