Australia To Kill Over 1900 Kangaroos For Environmental Protection


MELBOURNE: An official from Australia said that they are going to kill about 1900 Kangaroos from 16th May to reduce the population of Kangaroos and which cause a ‘devastating impact on the local environment’. The final announcement was made to control the Kangaroos population on its annual measure. This action will be done by Australian Capital Territory (ACT).
This is followed by degradation of plant, soil and water quality which negatively impacts several life cycles and disturbs the balance of the mini-ecosystem. Keeping the detrimental environmental impact in mind, a culling, or a controlled killing of a few animals to maintain a safe sustainable number while causing minimal damage to both, the environment and the kangaroo population, is conducted. Over the last two years, 4,000 kangaroos have been killed. The culling is expected to be concluded by August 1.
A humanitarian argument to the culling is the unfairness of one species of animals having to be killed to protect another. It is also seen by some, as the meddling of humans with nature’s mechanisms. All in all, while it certainly is inhuman to kill animals, even in a methodical manner, it is an unavoidable act. If not for a controlled population, the environment will face severe repercussions. Although not the perfect solution, the annual culling is essential, and, currently, the only way of preventing greater environmental damage. An ideal situation would be an effective method to control the population of kangaroos to keep them from rising to numbers that necessitate killings.

There are some reasons to take this step they are:

  • The Australian Capital Territory says that 10 reserves will be closed each evening to allow the culling up to 1,991 animals.
  • “Over-abundant numbers of eastern grey kangaroos can have a devastating impact on the local environment,” an ACT official said.
  • “It can lead to de-vegetation and the complete degradation of certain areas if we let it go too long. This is not about eradication, this is about sustainable numbers of eastern grey kangaroos,” he added.
  • To controlling the population, there are some other ways to test the usefulness of fertility drugs as an alternative method.
    By August, the cull is expected to conclude.
  • According to ACT cull, about 4,000 kangaroos are killed over past two years.
  • Over some wildlife parks to try the foil attempt the Kangaroos are keeping close to guards by Animal Rights activists.
  • They have explored many other options since 1998 to reduce the population of Kangaroos and control it, this includes contraceptive implants, herding, and relocation which did not work as expected.

For this purpose, trials testing the efficacy of fertility drugs, which act as contraceptives are being conducted. The use of these drugs will prevent the kangaroos from reproducing to large numbers, and provide a better, more humane, preventive method to control the population. We hope the trials are successful, and an effective drug with minimal side effects is soon developed, ensuring neither the living kangaroos nor the environment is harmed.