Bengaluru’s First Open Air Cinema now


Bengaluru: Have you ever wondered how it must have felt like when your parents told you about Drive-in theatres, Open-air Movie nights? We did! And god it must have been beautiful. Thankful to SteppinOut we’re going to experience it and it’s going to much much much more amazing than what the 70s, 80s born had. ON 19th June Sunday at JW MARRIOT.

Moonlight Theatre is the first open air entertainment concept in Bangalore, which promises an incomparable experience complimented by the beautiful outdoors at Palace Grounds on a moonlit night. The theatre consists of a 40,000 sq ft beautifully landscaped lawn and a 30,000 sq ft indoor arena creating a perfect hub to host all types of art and cultural events.

Moonlight theatre will feature Hollywood and Bollywood new releases on a big open air screen with a seating capacity of 3,000 people enjoying comfortably in Beanbags, Beds and Sofas.

In addition to movies, Moonlight Theater will also feature Fashion Weeks, Rock Performances, Theatre Plays, Comedy Nights, Film Festivals, Food Festivals, Indian Music Festivals, Art & Lifestyle Exhibition making the weekends a grand experience.

Moonlight Theatre will open doors on weekends every fortnight until summer. Starting on Fridays to Sundays we expect an estimated 6,000 people to join us at Moonlight Theatre. The new concept of open-air cinema that Moonlight Theatre is offering will change the movie watching experience forever in Bengaluru City.