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Twitter users in Bengaluru waged an online war against Venkaih Naidu, over his RS Nomination. Venkaih Naidu is a RS Member from Karnataka for the past 18 years and seeking re-election this time around. Twitterati allege that Naidu has not done anything for the development of the state and uses his political acumen/clout to clinch a seat everytime from Karnataka. However, this time around it would be really difficult for Naidu, considering online public outrage, particularly in Social Media.

Today morning Samanya Kannadiga created a poll asking Kannadigas if they wanted Venkaih Naidu to be re elected

In just a matter of few hours the topic was trending in twitterCit7yYhWUAEskeI

The hashtag #Venkayya Sakayya, #GoBackVenkaiahNaidu was trending at No.2 in Bengaluru. We at Newsisim endorse the views of thousands of twitter users, who have vented their anger by tweeting against the re-candidature of Naidu from Karnataka. Naidu, who cannot speak in Kannada and who does not voice his concerns in Parliament for Karnataka, does not deserve a ticket again from Karnataka.

All popular Kannada news channels supported the cause

Newsism contacted few of the kannadigas  

“What has Mr Naidu contributed to Karnataka despite being selected  for 3 terms”

-Sandeep Parswanath (President, Samanya Kannadiga)

“Venkaiah naidu is electing from Karnataka since from 18 years . Now he is central minister of India . But his contribution to Karnataka is zero . But if you compare his contribution to AndraPradesha is more . You can see this difference in smart city scheme . Now congress is trying to Send Chidambaram to Rajya Saba . They never speak about Krishna , Kalasa-Banduri and Kaveri issues in Parliament . We are giving everything to them . But they are giving back zero contribution to Karanatka”

-Gururaj Manahalli (IT BT Balaga)

“RS should represent the true federalism, not dummy candidates from other states  representing Karnataka. We do not belong to any political party . We are fighting to send one Kannadiga to Rajya Saba . This applies to every party who wants to send Non-Kannadiga to Rajya Saba from Karnataka”

-Bhavya Gowda (Samanya Kannadiga)

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