Bihari woman slashes husband’s fingers for checking her phone


Bengaluru: Sunitha slashed her husband’s fingers with a kitchen knife after he snatched her phone and started checking her texts.

A woman, enraged at her techie husband for checking her mobile phone, allegedly slashed his fingers with a kitchen knife. The incident took place at the IT capital of the nation recently. Both husband and wife have lodged complaints against each other. The police have summoned their parents for a patch-up!

It happened on May 4, at their apartment in Kaikondanahalli near HSR Layout, a locality favoured by IT professionals in Bengaluru. But the incident came to light recently when the victim lodged a complaint with the police, seeking protection from his wife.

SunithaSunitha Singh and Chandraprakash Singh from Bihar have been married for seven years. They relocated to the city three years ago and were working for different IT firms. Recently, Sunitha quit from her job and was on a break at home.

What actually happened

According to a complaint lodged by Chandraprakash, his wife is addicted to her mobile phone and this had led to frequent quarrels between them. The complainant stated that when he returned home on May 4 around 11 pm, he found out that dinner was not ready.
When he asked for it, she told him that she had ordered for food online and that it would be delivered any moment. However, all the while she was reportedly busy with her phone and her husband allegedly abused her for it.

This led to a war of words and Chandraprakash snatched the phone and started checking her messages. Sunitha tried to take it back, which led to fisticuffs between the two.

Enraged, Sunitha went into the kitchen where Chandraprakash allegedly slapped her. Sunitha got hold of a knife and allegedly attacked her husband. In the process, she slashed his fingers, leading to severe injuries.

Chandraprakash dropped the phone on the ground and ran out of the apartment. He visited a nearby hospital, where he was treated for his injuries.

Police probe
“There are severe injury marks on Chandraprakash’s right hand fingers. We have registered a case and a probe is on. Both husband and wife have lodged complaints against each other and we are questioning them about the incident,” the Bengaluru Police said.

Apparently, Chandraprakash informed the police that he was afraid and demanded round-the-clock protection. However, the police have not yet decided on giving him protection. “This is a domestic case. They are free to pursue cases against each other. But we are summoning their parents to ascertain whether this dispute can be resolved amicably,” the police added.