Doctor degree from the Indo -American boy at the age of 18 !


California: Kerala-based Indo -American boy graduation age of twelve tanisk unrivaled performance, the good news for President Barack Obama . At the age of 18 M D ( medical degree) the intent expressed by the board of education to put this boy in the next two prestigious universities in the United States have come forward .

abraham 3Tanisk a scholarship to study at the University of California have been completed , the American River College, who was math, science and foreign languages, three subjects from the age of 11 he graduated . His performance caught the handglass it .

the first youngest graduate of the United States tanisk desire to have a boy. Tanisk nippy young age he has achieved first place in the class read. Beyond the age of the victim’s status in search of talent coming in to him. Some professors do not allow age to attend classes because when you get to the end of the first place tanisk his back.

abraham2LosAngeles: A 12-year-old Indian-American boy, who was congratulated by president Barrack Obama  after he became the youngest ever to graduate from a US college, is eyeing to become a doctor by the time he turns 18 as he has been accepted to two prestigious university campuses.

Tanishq Abraham, whose family hails from Kerala and is a native of sacramento in California, has been accepted to University California  [UC] Davis and received a regents scholarship to UC Santa Cruz. He is yet to decide in which university he will enroll.

“I think I’ll be 18 when I get my MD [medical degree],” Abraham was quoted as saying by CBC sacramento television Sunday.

He said he is just an ordinary kid who plays with video games and not just microscopes and just likes to leraen.

Abraham will be junior transfer student when he enrolls in either in UC Davis or UC Santa Cruz.

Creating a record of sorts, he surprised one and all by graduating from a California college with three associate degrees in maths, science and foreign language studies last year at the age of 11.

abraham 1Abraham graduated from American River College in Sacramento alongside 1,800 students last year . He said that he wanted to become the President United States.

Abraham, is the youngest to graduate from the college last year. He become one of the youngest ever in the US to graduate high school.

Home-schoolled since the age of seven, he passed a state exam in March in 2014 that certified he had met the appropriate academic standards to receive his high school diploma – who had sent Abraham a congratulatory letter.

Abraham joined MENSA, the prominent high IQ society, when he was only four-years-old.

He mother, Taji Abraham, said he has always been ahead of the class.

He said some of the students at the college ‘were intimidated’ by him but a lot of others ‘were really happy’ to have a kid in their classes. He graduated with three associate degrees from the college.

Abraham had first asked his parents – father Bijou Abraham, a software engineer and mother Taji who is a veterinary  doctor- to allow then enquired about him attending a class at American River College.

“Lots of professors, they didn’t really want me in their classes because I was too young,” he said.

Finally, a professor  agreed and it didn’t take long for Abraham to become the top student.

Abraham’s parents had migrated to the US from Kerala.