Does Mobile Radiation Kill Us Slowly?


Mobile phones have become a part of our lives. Today, we carry them in our pockets wherever we go. We keep texting, chatting or talking throughout the day holding these phones every closely. But is it really healthy?

Though there isn’t clear evidence that mobile phones are absolutely dangerous, some studies do claim that radiation can gradually harm health in many ways. In the long run, cell radiation is said to affect your DNA. In fact, exposure during pregnancy could have harmful effects. Also, the risk of certain types of cancer could increase due to radiation exposure. Some studies clearly claim that mobile phones could even alter your genetic material. Certain other health issues which are said to be linked with the radiation are eye cancer, thyroid cancer, melanoma, leukemia, breast cancer and several other types of cancers.

Though we can’t suddenly stop using phones, let us know about certain precautions to take.

Certain Precautions To Take While Using Mobile phones
1.Precaution : During periods in which you are sure that you won’t get any calls, try to put your phone in airplane mode so that the radiation exposure will decrease.

 Certain Precautions To Take While Using Mobile phones
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2.Precaution : Using earphones is a lot better than holding the phone close to your ears. Also, avoid Bluetooth head piece as it can also emit radiation.

Does Mobile Radiation Kill Us Slowly?


3.Precaution : When you are in an area where the signals are weak, avoid making calls from such places

 Certain Precautions To Take While Using Mobile phones


4.Precaution: Avoid long conversations that heat up your ears. Using a landline for long conversations is better. Or else meet the person.

Certain Precautions To Take While Using Mobile phones


5. Precaution : It is comparatively better to carry your mobile phone with your hands rather than placing it in your pockets.

Certain Precautions To Take While Using Mobile phones


6.Precaution : It is better to prefer texting instead of calling. If possible, go for texting if you have lengthy conversations.

 Certain Precautions To Take While Using Mobile phones


7.Precaution : Use your phone to make only the most necessary calls. It is better to not get addicted to using a mobile phone all the time.

 Certain Precautions To Take While Using Mobile phones


8.Precaution : Before sleeping, never place your mobile near your head. Place it as far as possible.


  • Don’t make calls when the signal strength is weak. The weaker the signal, the harder the phone must work to make a connection, thereby emitting more energy.
  • Avoid using a cell phone when sick or pregnant. Illness can reduce your ability to cope with radiation, while a babyin utero might be impacted by the radiation.
  • Don’t use a cell phone when driving. It is a highly dangerous distraction that causes accidents, injury, and death.
  • If you decide to dispose of your cell phone to change it for one with lower radiation or to stop using one at all, have it properly recycled rather than passing it on to someone else.
  • The regular wired headset that comes with the phone has been shown to intensify the radiation in the ear canal. Don’t use it!Use a wireless headset instead.
  • Research upon which the safety guidelines have been developed for RF emissions (radio frequency emissions) cannot rule out the possibility of phone RF causing head tumors after 10 to 20 years of use.As such, finding out either way will still take time but in the meantime, adopting a cautious approach to cell phone usage is good for your health.
  • Don’t make calls when you’re enclosed in metal, such as inside the car or an elevator. The metal causes the radiation to reflect back on all occupants (the Faraday Cage effect).