You’ve been wrong in Pronouncing these Famous Car Names


We spend a lot of time discussing about car The automotive world is full of names and when it comes to their pronunciation, we do fumble. It’s time we learn to say them right.

Any self-respecting gearhead should know how to properly say automotive brand names. After all, there’s no point in knowing how many WRC titles Lancia has captured if you keep saying lan-see-ya, is there?

Here then is a list of commonly mispronounced car marques. (That’s mark, by the way, and not markee.)

Audi : Its ‘oww-dee’ and not ‘aw-di’. Say as if you are hurt – oww-dee.

BMW : It’s easy in English but say it like the Germans do – ‘bey-em-vey’. The ‘w’ is pronounced as ‘v’.

Chevrolet: General Motors brand Chevrolet has been there for over a hundred years. But still people pronounce it wrong. It’s called as ‘shev-ruh-ley’. The ‘t’ is silent.

Hyundai: Most of us get this car brand wrong. We usually call it – ‘Hyoon-dey’. And Americans choose to say it as ‘Hun-dey’, almost like Sunday.

Lamborghini Murcielago: The correct pronunciation is ‘Moor-si-ehh-la-go’. All the Lamborghini cars are named after bulls, and often people make the mistake of emphasising on the ‘lago’ bit. The actual way is to emphasise on the ‘e’ in ‘cie’.

Mercedes-Benz : Americans keep saying it as ‘mer-say-deez’. But put stress on the ‘r’ a bit and pronounce it like ‘mur-see-dus bents’.

Renault: Let’s delete the unwanted letter ‘l’ and ‘t’ and marry the letters ‘a’ and ‘u’. Put all of them together and you have ‘re-no’. Easy?

Volkswagen: The biggest car maker is pronounced as ‘folks-va-gun’. As per the Germans the ‘v ’is turned into ‘f’.