Girl Gang raped in Bihar Motihari Which reminds Dreadful Nirbhaya rape case


A horrifying crime has been reported from Motihari in the state of Bihar that reminds you of the dreadful Nirbhaya gang rape in Delhi that happened in the year 2012.

Bihar: Now, another gang rape case similar to Nirbhaya has been reported from the state of Bihar in Motihari. The victim is a 21-year-old girl who was gang-raped by a group of people and thrown at the road side. All the body parts of the victim were found extremely mutilated.


Soon after finding the girl in such a dreadful condition, the victim was immediately rushed to a local hospital nearby Motihari.Currently, the condition of the victim still endures life-threatening. The gang-rape incident was initially reported by local media sources in the morning on Thursday i.e., on 23rd June 2016. The media sources recognized a person named Samiullah, who had ostensibly molested the victim earlier. According to the reports from the media sources, they claim that Samiullah along with his assistants has gang-raped the 21-year old girl.

The committers of rape had brutally placed in pistol and some other wooden stuff inside her body.The family of the victim said that although a complaint being registered, the Police have not taken any kind of serious action and the criminals are yet in general. The police of Motihari has commenced a search operation to catch all the accused who involved in the gang-rape.

According to CNN News 18, Samiullah had took a footage of the girl while molesting her on an earlier occasion. The footage was used by him in order to blackmail the victim. The last time he tried to molest the girl by threatening her with the clip, she reportedly attacked him with a blade. Reports claim that Samiullah gangraped her this time, along with his friends, to avenge the blade attack.

Motihari police has launched a search operation to nab the accused.