Is it difficult to be Kannadiga / Kannadathi ?


Yes it is, I am writing this article with lot of disappointment. Few days back we all saw a Karnataka girl Srinidhi Ramesh Shetty won prestigious Miss Supranational 2016. Most of you wouldn’t be knowing that she is the second Indian and Second Karnataka girl to win the Major title. Indian has given so many beauty queens to the world. Surprisingly most of them are from Karnataka.


The purpose of writing this article is few days back when I knocked door or so called Karnataka based facebook pages to urge support for the young talent Srinidhi. Most of them refused to support. Yes it is hard truth. Out of 48 popular pages i reached only 3 supported her to the core. One is Samanya Kannadiga , Uttara Karnata Special and one Mangalore based page. And rest have their own reasons.


1. Kannada pages -> Is she is Kannadathi ? How can we trust ?
2. Can you ask her to send one video in Kannada ?
3. Mangalore based pages -> Can you ask her to record one video in Tulu ?
4. UK based pages -> Can you ask her to record one video in Uttara Kannada style ?
5. How much will you pay for her promotion ?
6. Ask her to Praise our page in her Blog or Facebook page
7. We don’t promote Pageants . It’s against to Our Kannada culture and what not
8. Ask her to contact us directly
9. We cannot post about her because we don’t get much likes and comment for it

I wouldn’t have paid much attention if that’s all they wanted and understood that every body has their own priority and choices
But Shockingly when she won most of the 48 pages I reached started congratulating her saying Kannada Girl, Tulu Girl won and so on . I take a pause here and ask you self proclaimed Karnataka groups when you come up with these silly reason to refuse to support her during her struggling you dont have rights to claim praise on her victory.


We live in a society where people first expect us to achieve and ask us to seek their support. Why can’t you guys support from grass root level. My question to all those pages who refused to support her. If you guys support only people who knows kannada/ Tulu / Uttara Kannada/ Kodava why did you support PV sindhu ? Does she gave you promotion for your Page ? And shouldn’t she concentrate on competition rather than sending messages to individual pages?

I respect individual choices. But this made me to think that if by ourselves are not supporting our candidates then who will do that ? Just Look at Other Region based facebook pages they all stand together to promote talent.

“We all know Success has many fathers but failure is orphan” we have to stand with our local talents. We have to be their back bone so that they can deliver their best. Please understand and Help local talents in coming future.


We have got Miss Universe next month and Our Karnataka girl Roshmita Harimurthy is representing India. The article is written to not to spread hate but please think if we have so many discrepancy among our self then some day some body will gain out of it.

Together we stand we grown. Refusing the support just because one know only Tulu Or Kannada of a specific accent doesn’t make sense at all. We have to appreciate the diversity the Karnataka embody.

We should see Victory of India over the world through Karnataka.
Thank you all

PS: I am Tamilian based from karnataka and I have no contact to that girl Srinidhi or her family. I was just supporting her like everybody else because she was representing Karnataka and India at international level