The twin benefits of getting rid of garbage and generating gas to light up parks and high-mast lights in the city is saving crores of rupees in Bengaluru. Eleven methane generating turbines are successfully functioning in Bengaluru and the gas produced is being used in lighting up public places. The latest of such turbine was commissioned in Domlur recently and is supplying the lighting requirement of the park. Similar gas plants are functioning at South End Circle in Jayanagar, a park in Koramangala near the Forum Mall, KCDC Centre near HSR Layout, Begur, KR Market, Nagapura, Matthikere, Kuvempu Nagar, and Gandhinagar.

This way, the Bengaluru civic body is not only biodegrading the difficult-to-dispose-of garbage of the city, it is also saving for itself a whopping `20 crore in electricity bills annually, according to its officials. Each of these gas plants requires around five tonnes of cow dung a day, along with other biodegradable waste to generate 10–12 cylinders of biogas and around eight tonnes of high-quality liquid organic manure. A total of `79 lakh is spent towards the construction of each plant. An engineer revealed that Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) spends `120 crore annually on electricity bills and around `20 crore per year shall be saved because of these biogas plants. A five-tonne capacity plant requires 1,825 metric tonnes (per annum) waste material to be processed at full capacity to function while it can generate 192,000 units of electricity per year.