The Men Throwing The Dog Off The Roof Have Been Identified. You’re Going To Get Furious When You Find Out Who They Are


Yesterday, the internet collectively lost their shit when a video of a man throwing a dog down a terrace went viral. In a matter of seconds everyone on social media united and began looking out for these two insensitive dumbf*ks who killed the dog and had the audacity to shoot it.

Two men took it on them to make sure they nab this loser. Anthony and Shravan immediately lodged a police complaint against them with the Chennai city police commissioner by providing them with video evidences.


The police commissioner ordered for a quick action on the complaint and took the help of the Cyber Crime Police and identified the two culprits. Gautam Sudarshan and Asish Paul, are both final year medical students of Madha Medical College, Kundrathur, Chennai.

Yes, you read that right. Medical students. Men who the world would have trusted their lives with. Men who would have taken an oath to keep nothing but their patient’s lives before everything else. These men, held an innocent dog by its neck and threw him off the terrace.

With the help of Kundrathur Police, the crime scene has been identified but the two culprits have been on the run since this video has gone viral. Now that we’ve shown you the faces, it’s your turn to make this viral and get them nabbed asap.


Make sure you contact the Chennai Police or drop us a message in our comments below. We’ll ensure your whereabouts remain anonymous and the culprits are nabbed immediately.