Sea level rise ; 40 million Indians suffer : UN report


United Nations : the rise in sea level by 2050 , the United Nations reported that nearly 40 million Indians problem .
The impact of rapid urbanization in fast-growing economic development and Kolkata and Mumbai, said that the plight of the coastal people .

The impact of bad weather in the South Pacific and South-East Asia to face today ‘s global environment Look out .
10 vulnerable countries in the Asia-Pacific region by 2050 the sea level would be people into trouble .

25 million people in Bangladesh , China, India, 40 million people to 15 million people , and the rise in sea level trouble . Urbanization , urban growth is due to natural coastal areas , including the ability to reduce the climate report said that most laborers .

Kolkata and Mumbai , India , China , the Shanghai and gunjhovu , Dacca Bangladesh , Myanmar ‘s Yangon , 2070 in Bangkok, Thailand by sea -level rise in the face of flooding

‘Nearly 40 million Indians will be at risk from rising sea levels by 2050, with people in Mumbai and Kolkata having the maximum exposure to coastal flooding in future due to rapid urbanisation and economic growth, according to a UN environment report’