Serial Offender does it again! Rams his BMW, critically injuring four in Bengaluru


In yet another addition to the recent spate of Hit n run accidents in the city, a Senior Vice President of United Breweries, Samrat Chadda rammed his white BMW [DD 03 H 1326] in Jeevanbhimanagar Police Station limits on Saturday, 14th of May-2016.

Serial Offender !

A case of hit ‘n run case against Chadda was registered in Goa in 2011. Similar case was also registered in Mumbai for rash driving against Mr.Chadda. Police sources have said that Chadda has a frenzy of driving cars when he is under the influence of alcohol.

Chadda’s rash driving caused serious injuries to 4 persons in Jeevanbhimanagar police station limits.

Indiranagar Traffic Police swung into action and took Mr.Chadda under custody. However, Chadda and his wife caused high drama in the Police sation by pulling out a few ‘influential’ names from their contact list. The police took medical tests of the serial offender and asked him to come on Sunday morning for further investigation. Indirangar Traffic Police have registered cases under IPC 279, 337. Motor Vehicle Act 185 drunker driving cases against the accused.

Gives Police the slip !

Chadda since the reprimand by the police has gone into a hiding. Police are unable to trace his hide-out and are since searching for him. A team lead by a DCP is looking for possible hideouts of Mr.Chadda.

Fun for Elite, Death for the Poor

Such incident, particularly by senior corporate professionals has increased over the past few years. A senior police official [who wished anonymity] told us that such persons use their influence and high level contacts to get over such incidents. Such cases are particularly high among those who are new to the city and come from States, that have virtually no ‘law and order’ in place, he said, before disconnecting our call. The impact of the collision was such high that an Auto was completely torn apart, beyond recognition. Eye-witnesses said it was a horror to watch the ‘White maniac’ striking pedestrians and clueless Auto Drivers.

Newsisim team, strongly condemns such incidents and is of the view that such persons be booked under stringent sections rather than procedures and sections that provide ‘easy and free passage’ to accused.

Who is Samrat Chadda?

Samrat Chadda is a Senior Vice President [Marketing] in United Breweries (U.B) in Bengaluru. He was posted in Bengaluru after being promoted from his earlier assignment in Goa. Sources close to him say that Chadda was a serial offender and despite the best advice from his family and friends continued his ‘frenzy’ of driving recklessly under the influence of Alcohol.

Registration and Driving License of such repeated offenders have to be impounded  and barred from driving for their life time.