turmeric milk (haldi haalu) is a part of our Indian lifestyle since forever!


India’s Very Own Haldi Milk Is All The Rage In San Francisco And They’re Calling It ‘Turmeric Latte’

The typical Indian beverage, Haldi milk, that our mothers and grandmothers forced us to drink a zillion times, is finally gaining popularity in the west. While, we may still crib about drinking it, people in the West are already treating it as gold.

What exactly is this golden milk? The golden milk is an improvised version of our desi haldi milk with the addition of coconut, almond and cashew milk.

haldi doodh

In fact, this ‘turmeric latte’ is one of the top Google searches and a popular name in most food trends in the US. Its demand has increased by 56% from November 2015 to January 2016.

Global consumers are recognising its health benefits. They believe that Golden Milk is an anti-inflammatory alternative to caffeine drinks.

Turmeric milk in india

Hah! This might be new for our friends in America, but it’s been a part of our Indian lifestyle since forever!

7 reasons to start drinking turmeric milk or haldi haalu.

Don’t like to drink plain milk? Replace it with turmeric milk or haldi haalu for amazing health benefits.


1.Relieves cough and cold

Turmeric milk is a household remedy to relieve a chronic cough and cure throat irritation, common in people suffering from cold and flu. The antiseptic and astringent properties of turmeric combined with the soothing effect of milk are responsible for providing quick relief from respiratory problems including a dry cough.

2. Alleviates headaches

Being an excellent source of antioxidants and loaded with a wide range of essential nutrients, turmeric milk acts as a natural ‘aspirin’ to provide relief from headaches and body pain. The next time you suffer from a headache, associated with nasal congestion or a cold, this drink might help you to feel better and relaxed.

3. Protects from hepatitis

The antiviral action of turmeric milk is due to the presence of curcumin that prevents viruses from multiplying in the body, thereby hindering their growth. Additionally, it boosts your immune system and protects the liver from viral attack. Here are some key steps to prevent viral hepatitis.

4. Helps you to sleep well

Do you find it difficult to get your seven-hour sleep? If yes, drink a glass of warm turmeric milk around one hour before going to bed. Milk contains serotonin (brain chemical) and melatonin which in combination with vital nutrients from turmeric relieves stress and induces sleep. Read more about tips for a good night’s sleep.

5. Good for arthritis

Many people are unaware of the fact that turmeric milk posses anti-inflammatory properties, which helps in strengthening the joints. This flavoured milk also treats swelling caused due to inflammation, in addition to reducing the pain and improving muscle flexibility in arthritic patients. Here’s how you can beat arthritis with 6 simple yoga asanas.

6. Purifies blood

Turmeric milk has been extensively used as a potent blood purifier and cleanser in Ayurveda medicines. The presence of a wide range of vital nutrients in this milk boosts blood circulation. The antioxidants in turmeric also help in cleansing the lymphatic system, enhancing the purification process. Read about ayurvedic detox diet — a step-by-step guide to cleanse your body.

7. Eases menstrual cramps

Menstrual cramps are quite common during the first day of your period and also in case of delayed menstrual cycle. To ease this symptom, drink turmeric milk on a daily basis. This is because, it acts as a powerful antispasmodic agent easing menstrual pain and cramps naturally.

How to prepare turmeric milk?

turmeric milk

  • Add a pinch of turmeric powder and sugar to a glass of milk.
  • Now, boil it for around 10 – 15 minutes on slow flame.
  • Additionally, you can add coarsely ground black pepper to the milk when boiling.
  • Cool it for few minutes and drink when warm. To attain its health benefits, drink this flavoured milk daily.