UBER is made to/forced to change


Uber is passionate about making your city better. And energizing the local economy, helping make streets safer from drunk driving, and fostering a less congested environment.

More than half of drivers in the US choose to work 10 hours a week or fewer.So parents, students, retirees, or anyone looking for extra income can work whenever they like. Where as in Indian drivers choose to work 12 hours per day. For the sake of extra money earning drivers should work more that 12 hours per day. Its affect not even driver’s health but also affect the customer.

Get UBER to set up an emergency response hotline in India

One incident that i need to mention hear about Ayan Kumar Nath experience abour UBER cab

What is actual happened?

Ayan Kumar Nath wordings: I took an Uber ride from my workplace to my home yesterday and was picked up at 6.38 PM by Mohan Kumar driving a Mahindra Verito (I don’t see the vehicle number any more on Uber but the driver’s number was +917090801637)

I was traveling from Bellandur to JP Nagar 8th Phase via Silk Board.

Round about 30 mins into the trip, the driver did not seem comfortable. At the traffic signal, he asked me if he could drop me at Jayadeva (which is quite some distance from my place) At this, I told him that JP Nagar 8th phase is quite some distance away from there and it’s a long distance to walk home. He mentioned he was not feeling well to which I said, if that’s the case, go on, it’s OK.

Just after crossing Silkboard, the driver collapsed with chest pain. After getting the other two passengers out of the vehicle, I took the driver to the Gangotri Hospital at BTM layout on the main road.

There, the doctor immediately requested for an ECG and treatment was started.

This is the story was happened, mean while Ayan Kumar Nath was reached out to Uber via the “help” option Uber reached out after two hours of the incident with a “canned” response stating they were taking “measures to see the driver is not able to use the app to drive with Uber till he produces a Fitness certificate” THAT IS NOT MY CONCERN. My concern was to reach out and get help to the driver in distress! Is THIS how Uber takes care of their drivers and (heaven forbid) customers?

all these UBER drivers that Uber has, don’t even seem to have a “hotline number” they can reach out to-in case of emergencies?

If we come to the point of customers, customer don’t have safety. Hear are the some incidents:

Uber driver is charged with a violent crime nearly every day. It’s not a stretch—just three days ago, a driver who was arrested for strangling a college student in a dorm parking lot. Now here we are again.

A 52-year-old Uber driver from Gaithersburg, Maryland has been charged with two counts of first degree attempted murder for trying to shoot police officers with a homemade gun. The driver, Jonathan Hemming, is also facing 17 additional assault, drug and weapons charges.

The incident occurred last week when Montgomery County officers surrounded Mr. Hemming’s car to arrest him on a bench warrant for multiple drug charges.

And last month, Uber agreed to pay $10 million to settle allegations by California prosecutors that it misled passengers about the quality of its driver background checks.

Is THAT how a business is supposed to operate? With no concern about the well being of your drivers (even if they are just contractors?) and the customer.

What happens if  tomorrow it’s the drivers and passenger who meets with an emergency? What if the passenger is traveling to another city and is not on “home turf”? What happens then?

UBER is made to/forced to change

Uber bangalore office

  • Get Uber to set up an emergency response hotline in India.
  • Need a support system for both the Driver and the commuters at place.
  • Uber to reach out to the driver and ensure he is taken care. But as an employee (even if contractual) it’s Uber’s responsibility to take care of their drivers.
  • Safety of Customer.

Many incidents have coming, This isn’t looking good for Uber. now at least Uber will take action on this.