Underdoggs Sports Bar & Grill, Bengaluru unpublished their FB page following backlash from Samanya Kannadiga


On May 2nd few customers at Underdoggs Sports Bar & Grill, Bengaluru request for Kannada mix. The pub DJ and management reject the request in spite of repeated request from many in the pub. The Group which initially requested for Kannada songs were told to pay the bill and leave!

This incident was brought to the notice of pro Kannada group Samanya Kannadiga  . When the Group contacted the pub management demanding an explanation, management came with an arrogant reply that it was against the policy of the pub to play ‘Kannad‘ songs.  The Group then reported this issue in their Facebook page demanding Kannadigas to down rate the Pub in all possible social media.

Following which all the Kannadigas down rating the app, and within 24 hours ratings drop from 4.5 stars to 2.5 stars!!

Google rating

The management realize their mistake and issued an apologized letter to Kannadigas 

Apology Letter

But this was too late and proved costly for the management as the ratting went below 2.5 from 4.5.  Bengaluru Memes a FB page published that the pub had deleted its facebook page to escape from the embarrassment.


When TheNewsism contacted Samanya Kannadiga Team- Vivek (The General Secretary of Samanya Kannadiga)

 “Kannada is the language of Bengaluru demanding Kannada in Karnataka is our right and the management replying is very lame. The pub says it will plays Kannada Songs only when demanded. Shouldn’t Kannada songs be play by default?”.

Bhavya Gowda who is the treasurer of the Samanya Kannadiga says

“This incident will serve as warning to all pubs in Bengaluru who ignore Kannada and do not play Kannada songs.