Use of plastic in agriculture can boost output by Rs 68,000 crore


A wider use of plastics in agriculture can reduce the losses in harvesting, and increase the value of output by Rs 68,000 crore, according to a report.


Plasticulture refers to use of plastics in agriculture in a scientific manner which not only improves the productivity but also optimizes the input resources.

Use of plastics in farm sector is an interesting proposition as it can help reduce pre and post-harvest losses, the Tata Strategic Management Group (TSMG) said in its report on role of plastics in agriculture.

“It is estimated that the agriculture output can be increased by Rs 68,000 crore by using proper plasticulture applications like drip irrigation, mulching etc,” it said.

The report was released by Chairman of Parliamentary Standing Committee on Agriculture Hukmdev Narayan Yadav at a FICCI event here.

He said plastic industry should promote sustainable development by investing in technologies that protect environment.

The report also suggests that the innovative plastic packaging and handling techniques can promote proper harvest management which will in turn contribute towards agriculture GDP.

Proper application of micro-irrigation technologies can result in water saving by up to 50-70 per cent and can help increase productivity by 30-100 per cent, the report added.

It also notes that the government should create an environment for promoting plasticulture by easy and efficient sanction of subsidies .