What Bengaluru Is Doing To Make Sure You Don’t Miss The Bus


BENGALURU: In an attempt to make bus operations smarter, Bengaluru launched the Intelligent Transport System or ITS. Billed as the first of its kind in India, the ITS is a system to keep track of buses and to help the commuter know just how long that wait at the bus stop will be.

A developed city is not one where more people can afford private vehicles; it is one where people who can afford private vehicles also use public transport. In order to make its public transport system more efficient and attractive to commuters, the city of Bengaluru is getting an Intelligent Transport System (ITS). The ITS is a system which will keep track of buses and help the commuter know for how long he needs to wait at the bus stop.

6,400 buses have been installed with Vehicle Tracking Systems. There are also Electronic Ticketing Systems which along with the tracking devices help give inputs to the Passenger Information Systems that provide clear and up to date information to the commuter.

How does it work?

The ITS has been launched by Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) to add a degree of certainty and predictability to its public transport system. Around 6,400 buses have been installed with Vehicle Tracking Systems and Electronic Ticketing Systems. These systems provide real-time data such as the time at which the bus left the depot, its present location, and number of tickets sold to a central Passenger Information System. From there, information is routed to major bus stops and the BMTC app. Display boards have been installed at bus stops that show which bus in a particular route number will be arriving in how many minutes.

The live-tracking of buses also makes it easy to spot an accident or breakdown anywhere in the city, following which help can be sent to the site at the earliest.

With the Intelligent Transport System, a bus can be located anytime, anywhere.

Dr Ekroop Caur, Managing Director of the Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation, said, “We can know the exact location of the bus, what time it has left the depot, what time it has finished a particular trip, how many tickets have been issued… Based on the inputs – we throw up the expected time of arrival of buses. So at all the important bus stands in Bangalore we have a display board which shows that, which bus in what route number will be arriving in how many minutes. The same information is also now available on mobile app called BMT.”

Information on fingertips:

The BMTC app provides some more features apart from tracking your bus. Users can know the estimated time of arrival (ETA), buses approaching major bus stands and the International Airport within the next one hour, as well as buses plying between a source and destination selected by the user to plan his trip. It also allows users to save their favourite routes for future reference and to give feedback on the service of BMTC buses and the app itself. The BMTC app is available on Android and can be downloaded from this link: https://goo.gl/I2NIfc

Intelligent Transport System

The implementation of the ITS is a major step towards ensuring the relevance of public transport at a time when app-based cab services are becoming popular. It should certainly attract commuters away from their private vehicles as they will now get deterministic information about buses on their fingertips.