In what seems to be yet another disastrous decision by the BBMP ‘think tank’, the decision to introduce a Multilingual call centre has recieved the nod from the Commisssioner and Mayor of Bengaluru.

However, Civil Society Group and pro-Kannada organisation Samanya Kannadiga has announced that it will fight ‘tooth ‘n Nail’to oppose this move. A spokesperson from Samanya Kannadiga said that it has informed its followers to use the hashtag #parabhashebeda and tweet to BBMP commissioner and Mayor on 30.06.1016.


While, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have only their native language and English (as a link language) in their municipal corporations; the idea of BBMP of introducing a multi lingual call centre has miffed Kannada activisits. “There is no necessity to introduce a Multi Lingual Centre for the BBMP,let the outsiders who have settled here to make an attempt to learn Kannada”, said Prashanth, an IT Engineer.

BJP’s CT Ravi – MLA of Chikkamagaluru also came open to criticize this decision. He tweeted saying ‘This is a regressive step and needs to be reconsidered’, he said in his tweet.


His colleague in the party and senior BJP leader Shri Katte Sathyanarayana who is a 6 time corporator and former Mayor of namma Bengaluru also strongly criticized this decision in the Council Meeting held today at BBMP headquarters. Launching a scathing attack on the Mayor and Commissioner in the council, he said that such a regressive step to Kannada should not be done at any cost. This move will denigrate the language in the longer run, he said. Katte Sathya (as he is popularly known) has supported the Samanya Kannadiga twitter campaign and has used the hashtag #parabhashebeda in his Facebook wall.


The decision to start a multi lingual call centre has come at a time time when the BBMP is cash strapped and is yet to pay its huge loans to Banks and other Financial Institutions. Logically too, the decision to start this multi lingual makes very less senses, considering the resources to be deployed. Nearly 60 personnel have to be recruited along with Technical personnel for networking and other related work.

The focus and priority of BBMP should have been to start ward level committes and empower them to maintain and develop activities that will resolve the city’s woes. Instead, starting such facilities, not required by the public [English and Kannada] would suffice the language requirements of call centre.


BBMP headed by Manjunath Prasad – a no non-sense officer as the Commissioner needs to get its act right and uphold the emotions of Kannadigas by not introducing this facility in Bengaluru. The funds for the said purpose can be given to the Maternity Homes – which have no facilities, garbage disposal, providing Toilets and basic facilities in its government schools and first aid Kits in all public places in Bengaluru.