Brazil’s ‘Nirbhaya’ Crisis: Teen Alleges Gangrape by 30 Men


Rio de Janeiro police are investigating allegations that more than 30 men and boys raped a 16-year-old girl, officials revealed on Friday, as outrage spread in the host city for the upcoming Olympics and reverberated across the country.

The reported assault was discovered after one of the suspects posted to Twitter a video of the nude, semi-conscious youth, with a few men brazenly insulting the girl, showing their faces, and one man heard saying, “more than 30 impregnated her!”

Police said the girl told them more than 30 men had assaulted her on 21 May, but they could not yet confirm how many took part in the alleged rape, as they are still investigating the case.

Fernando Veloso, head of Rio’s civil police department, has revealed that the police have identified four suspects so far in the assault, but have yet to make any arrests, saying further investigation is required.

The United Nation women’s rights agency condemned the case along with another recent alleged gang-rape of a 17-year-old girl in the northeastern state of Piaui.

“Apart from the fact that these are young women, these barbaric cases are similar in that the teenagers were lured by their attackers in premeditated plots “

 Social Media Reacts

Hashtags on Twitter such as   EstuproNaoÉCulpa DaVitima – Portuguese for “rape is not the victim’s fault” – blasting the reported crime were among the top global trends.

Many Facebook users in Brazil, including suspended President Dilma Rousseff, the nation’s first woman leader, changed their profile photos to the Venus female gender symbol with words calling for an end to a “culture of rape.”