From Being Abused And Tortured By Her Husband To Becoming Bollywood’s Ace Stuntwoman. Geeta’s Story Is Inspiring AF


Hello world, meet Geeta Tandon. My new hero –

Every time someone asks me, “How’s life?”, I complain by saying, “It’s so bad, I don’t even know where to begin. My boss totally hates me, ya.” This is then followed by a cup of tea and some more ranting, followed by me sinking into my comfortable chair, looking for a new story to feature. Until, I see this. Geeta Tandon, Bollywood Stunt-woman. A mother of two, a daughter, a friend and an ex-wife of an abusive husband.

Geeta had the worst experience growing up in her teen years, and I use the term worst because I don’t know which word in the dictionary will justify the pain and the anguish she’s been put through at the tender age of 15 years). After being married off to an alcoholic, abusive man, Geeta’s life tumbled down faster than Jill could reach out to Jack.

In this video produced by Culture Machine for a Women’s Lifestyle channel – Blush, she recollects the horrifying experience she had in her 5 years of living with her husband.

“Cylinder ka pipe nikalta tha, cylinder utha ke marta tha. Fir toh ek din itna mara, ke mera sir 5-6 bar deewar pe patak patak ke maara”


Meri saas mere pati ko boli, “Tu chhaka hai, ek aurat sambhali nahi jati tujhse? Ja jake abhi kapde faad aur rape kar de, main bhi dekhti hu iski bua aur baap kya bolte hai”.


Until she finally decided she had enough of this shit. (And we’re so glad she did)


This was followed by a series of ups and downs in Geeta’s life and her journey has been beautiful! You can picture Geeta’s life beginning to blossom into the most prettiest and confident woman we’ve met. And she has one small message for you

–“Suicide ka sawaal hi nahi tha. Zindagi bohot hi keemti cheez hoti hai”.


“Geeta is the most badass woman I have ever met in my life! She is a powerhouse of raging courage. I am truly inspired by her,” said Joyna Mukherjee, the Director of this biographical film. “It’s important for women to understand that they are not alone in this matriarchal society. There are many out there who are still struggling to find their voice. Something triggered in Geeta’s head the day she escaped from her husband’s home, we want this video to do the same to the millions of women who are silently going through the same,” Mukherjee added.

Source: beingindian