Did You Know That You Can Actually Get Pregnant with Twin Girls.


Yes you read that right. You can actually plan for a pregnancy with twins that are girls. But, you have to go through a process to increase the probability. However, the good news is that you don’t have to go through a lot. It may sound crazy for some as pregnancy itself is a complicated situation and to plan for twins is bizzare.

Pregnant with Twin Girls.

Anyway, many believe that there is a possibility to conceive with twins without the involvement of genetic factors. Find out how?

Genetic Factors.

The possibilities are more if the genetic factors are in favour of the girl. If the family has many twins then the chances of getting twins is double because of the hereditary.


According to a study Yam increases the chances of getting twins. It increases the fertility and improves the ovulation process. However, you should start to consume before 3 months you plan to conceive and continue until you are pregnant. But, this one is a matter of luck and nothing is guaranteed.

Weight and Age Factor.

Women who are overweight has more chances of getting twins as their body produces more hormone. Woman who are older or above 30 have the chances of getting twins, age also plays a major role.

Sperm Characteristics and Ovulation.

Before trying to conceive make sure the characteristics of female sperm is known as the female sperms are heavier than men and are slow swimmers. Female sperms can live in the body for 72 hours where as men sperms lasts for a day. Therefore, it is important to plan your sexual union accordingly which gives time for female sperms to wait for eggs to mature and fertilize. Since the male sperm can live for a day it would be dead.

Source:theworld aroundus.