In yet another show of strength and display of Unity among Kannadigas, the Twitterati vehemently protested on the Multilingual Call Centre to be started shortly by ‘Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Paalike’.
The twitter campaign was initiated by city based Civil Society Group – Samanya Kannadiga – which has more than 60,000 followers to its Facebook page. The hashtag #parabhashebeda trended in Twitter for more than 7 hours on 30.06.2016 from 10:00 a.m till 6:00 p.m.

The Twitter campaign was a huge success with nearly 15,000 tweets from Kannada activists on a ‘working day’.

Sandeep, president of Samanya Kannadiga said “The option of introducing a Multilingual Call Centre is a futile exercise. This is a regressive step to local language. We appeal the Mayor and Commissioner of Bengaluru to take back this decision and hence this protest” he said.

The hashtag campaign in Twitter saw support from Shri Katte Satyanarayana – a 6 time BBMP corporator and also the former Mayor of Bengaluru. Katte Sathya (as he is popularly known) also said that he will raise this issue in BBMP council which is presided over by Mayor and Commissioner of Bengaluru.

Guru Rajkumar grandson of Dr.Rajkumar also joined the cause:

Jaggesh, Sandalwood’s most respected Actor also tweeted:

Katte Sathya has for long been a ‘Pro Kannada Voice’ in South Bengaluru. A rare exception to the ‘business like’ corporators who have ignored the rights of Kannadigas and indulge in very low level debates revolving around their wards. Sathyanarayana, who has strong affiliation towards RSS has time and again lent his unflinching support to Kannada issues and a man who is not afraid of raising such issues in the BBMP Council. Sathya, is known for his uncompromising attitude and a man who calls  a Spade, a Spade; has seen Bengaluru transform from a quiet City to a City now high on all kinds of pollution.

C.T.Ravi, MLA from Chickamagaluru also joined the Twitter campaign and made a series of tweets shaming the local corporation’s decision.

Cutting across party lines many leaders from Congress, JD (S) and BJP supported the hashtag campaign in their Facebook wall.

Dr.Mohana Marithimmaiha – Paediatrician and currently in Riyadh also lent his full fledged support through a series of tweets.

Dr.Mohan is also a regular columnist and writes on Women Health in various Kannada newspapers.

Anand – a Kannada activist said such a measure is not a step in the right direction. BBMP has to understand its priorities. I wonder why such moves are not discussed at length in the Council.

Samanya Kannadiga – started by a bunch of youngsters from the I.T industry has taken the ‘bull by its horns’ and has challenged such ‘regressive measures’ in the past too. The civil society based group had also challenged the re-candidature of Venkaiha Naidu from Karnataka and started the #VenkayyaSakayya hashtag campaign.

It has also launched a tirade against certain vested interests using unparliamentary language and venting out their anger in Facebook and other Social Media. “We have registered more than 20 complaints [FIR] against people who are insulting Kannadigas and using foul language. These vested interests have been censured from their Employers and decision makers, Sandeep said.

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