Multiplex in Bengaluru showing step-motherly treatment towards kannada films.


Bengaluru Multiplexes shows their negligence towards Kannada Films, by not even screening 1 shows daily, this is not actually today’s complaint, same things happening from past few years, but Karnataka Congress government not taking any action regarding this issue, this cause nowadays multiplexes taking their own decision towards Ticket Price. etc.
When The Newsism Team checked Book My show Tickets, not a single Kannada movies was screened in INOX.

This is what petition says:

Samanya Kannadiga team have started this petition against multiples screens in Bengaluru and asking CM of Karnataka to pass a legislation making it mandatory for multiplex in Karnataka to have 50% of screens for kannada movies only. We seek the support of one and all in this matter.

When The Newsism team contacted Samanya Kannadiga the petitioner Hoovappa, says:

Where else do you expect us to demand for Kannada Movies if not in Karnataka. What INOX is doing shows their anti Kannada stand.



If anyone want to sign petition against Multiplex in Bengaluru showing step-motherly treatment towards kannada films., You can vote using following link: Team The Newsism