Sony Xperia X Review: Flagship Price but Where’s the Value?


Sony Xperia X review: Good-looking phone with a great camera & battery life, but it’s too expensive


In an unusual move that surprised us all, Sony decided not to launch the Sony Xperia Z5 Tablet we were expecting at MWC 2016, but instead added a brand-new smartphone range to the mix. The new Xperia X series offers specs that sit just below the flagship Z range, plus some interesting new features for the camera and screen. We’ve spent some time with the Sony Xperia X, so here we bring you our full and in-depth Sony Xperia X review.

It’s unclear at the moment but it’s possible that the Xperia X range is in fact a replacement for the Z range. There may never be an Xperia Z6 smartphone but we hope there is as changing the flagship range from Z to X is unnecessarily confusing.

Sony has had it tough in the smartphone segment lately. Traditionally, Samsung and Apple have been their competition, however, it’s fair to say that China-based brands have posed bigger problems for them.

The Japanese brand is mostly running its ship on the back of the strong demand for its PlayStation 4 gaming console, and with the Xperia X, they are hoping for some smartphone love. Priced at Rs 46,990, the phone is built to take a flagship-level fight.